Institut’ DERMed Facials

DERMed® clinical skin care products are designed for clients seeking accelerated rejuvenating results for problematic skin. Treatments are performed using exclusive professional peels & corrective concentrates to best address compromised skin. Our facials range from relaxing to intense, result oriented treatments.

Institut’ DERMed Facials


Renewing Facial (Slows the first signs of aging)

Clarifying Facial (Detoxifies pores, controls oil)

Soothing Facial (Diffuses redness, strengthens fragile skin)

Brightening Facial (Instant radiance, evens the skin tone)

$141 – $151

Institut’ DERMed Facials


Anti-Aging Corrective Therapy (Renews firmness and refines for long term anti-aging)

Anti-Acne Therapy (Decongests, minimizes pores, reduced breakouts)

Anti-Redness Corrective Therapy (Calms inflammation, irritation, normalized redness)

Anti Dark Spot Corrective Therapy (Prevents discolouration and corrects uneven skin tone)

$161 – $171

Institut’ DERMed Facials


Mature Skin Transforming Facial (Smooths deep static wrinkles, tightens sagging skin)
Acne Skin Transforming Facial (Dramatically re-texturizes and reduces blemishes)
Sun Damaged Skin Transforming Facial (Erases discoloured imperfections for long term luminosity)

$181 – $191


A one-time consultation is mandatory prior to any clinical treatment.The $15 consultation fee will be credited towards your first clinical treatment.