Institut’ DERMed Peels

A range of light, medium & deep epidermal peeling solutions are used to treat various skin conditions. Peels create an evenly controlled release of damaged skin cells, revealing a new, fresh layer of skin with improved texture, tone & colour. Professional peels are recommended & selected by your skin care specialist based on individual skin type & condition to improve the health & well-being of your skin.

Institut’ DERMed Peels


Renewing Peel

(Reduces lines and wrinkles)

Clarifying Peel

(Tightens pores, re-texturizes)

Soothing Peel

(Gently dissolves dead skin cells)

Brightening Peel

(Evens the skin tone)

$91 – $96

Institut’ DERMed Peels


Pumpkin Peel

(Dissolves excess oil, refines pores)

Herbal Enzyme Peel

(Softens dead cells, gentle exfoliation)

Lactic+ Peel

(Non-drying, mild exfoliation)

Glycolic Peel

(Dissolves oil, stimulates cell turnover)

Retinol+ Peel

(Accelerates cell renewal, tightens)

$101 – $106

Institut’ DERMed Peels


Classic Lifting Peel (lifts oil, reduces acne, evens skin tone)

$111 – $116


A one-time consultation is mandatory prior to any clinical treatment.

The $15 consultation fee will be credited towards your first clinical treatment.